Night. Man’s free half day. We do not even know what he’s doing. Night is dark. Fear the night. No silence, ready for everything at night, To fear it is to read a book reverse and try to understand. It is the time we spend most of the time insulting him.

The real face of nature is night. You never find what you want. It is not you, but he is the master of you, it makes you feel every moment. What is good, what is bad. It’s a grid. You can hear it when you do not expect anything at night

Everything is harmonious at night. Those endless conflicts, unnecessary smiles, cultures, people. It is common for all of you to sleep, to sleep … to close your eyes to opportunities. Most citizens are firing ideas from their place

In the brightest times of nature. My thoughts run away from my mind, from my mind, from all my body. It is infinite power to never prevent them. They know me better than I am without them, but at the same time they respect me with their infinite power.

“Respect” maybe they just wanted it from us? The most prevalent for them

Respect? Why respect? Maybe shy, respect and shyness are always together, it’s a whole. Downright. This is their real right.

No! No! They can not be structured with such simple criteria. The complexity of a system can be seen nowadays. There is a system order in each of them. We can not be designers. As they flow in our minds, they become faster and deeper. It’s like running downhill. The tea is like infusion every minute. But there is a problem there is not much tea that is brewed, it does not stay in the glass, it is poured. That is why in our thoughts we are not against them but they are dominating us, but with “Respect”. This is the most sincere ownership …


“PRAİSE THE NİGHT(ESSAY)” üzerine 2 yorum

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